Thursday, October 16, 2014


In the beginning there was an ancient civilization we’ve come to know as the Angels.
They grew powerful and advanced, harvesting the energy of entire suns and planets.
Eventually they decided to create a home for themselves, a perfect solar system with multiple planets equidistant to a stable sun. This Solar system would be named Solarium.
A portion of the angels however, felt that to use so many resources for their own gain was selfish. This sect, known as the Guardians, disagreed so strongly that they left the Angels to assist other races as they developed. The remaining Angels stayed behind to finish Solarium.
The Guardians traveled through the stars, exploring space and assisting races from various extinction events.
Meanwhile, the Angels finally finished Solarium and created a peaceful utopian society with entire worlds filled with gardens and other natural beauties. The Angels left a single planet for the Guardians to use as their base of operations.
The Guardians were however, occupied with an eerie discovery. They found multiple dead planets filled with decay.
Tracing this discovery they found the dead planets cause: A instinctively hostile race to come be known as the Necrosis. The Necrosis were extremely infectious, and before long Guardian ships fell to the disease.
One ship was taken over by a Mutiny, broke the Guardians’ protocol and was launched back to solarium. In transit, the crew was overwhelmed and an infected ship landed on a Solarium planet.
From the crash spewed the infection taking advantage of the defenseless paradise of the planet. Spores were launched to other planets. One by one they fell.
In a last stand, Guardians and Angels stopped the advance of the infection with a massive defense. The Necrosis invasion dwindled, until it eventually stopped.
As the majority of Solarium’s vulnerable planets fell to decay, other races looking to expand, retook them as their homes. Each race colonized a planet and for a time there was peace.
In an unforeseen turn of events however, Solarium was pulled by a nearby galaxies gravity. Solarium’s sun and planets began to fall out of orbit. It soon became obvious that the races would have to abandon their homes on Solarium to settle on another planet.
There was only one that was close enough to colonize. The isolated planet named Sanctum. Now, all of the races set their gaze on this small planet. Old alliances will be broken, as new ones form. The fight for Sanctum and survival has begun…

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