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back stories

wrote script for controller

Due to Strife having a striking resemblance to Earth, the remainder of humanity can easily adapt to this new planet. The United Military Guild is able to strategize against almost any enemy thanks to their exceptional versatility.
Known for their flexibility Versatile armies command many different specialty units for many different situations.
These feral beings consume heat and regulate their body temperature at such low levels the ground freezes beneath them. The resulting effect is a terrain that is impossible to traverse.
Thin and light, this species perceives beauty in states of motion rather than stillness. Their strengths come from their incredible stamina. They have a difficult time adapting to Planet Strife’s ever-changing environment.
Beings that are at least a Century old with rocky armored bodies. Only the oldest of them are sent to war. Come from a volcanic planet.
Dead spirits that are the remnants of a civilization destroyed by a plague and were forced to transfer their population into a different state of being.
Toxic organisms that are giant viruses embodied in an exoskeleton. They release toxic airborne viruses as waste.
The Angels are an ancient civilization that has flourished before any other in the known existence. They are beings whose souls reincarnate after death in the form of assistance or combine to become powerful spirits. This race has impressive wisdom and knowledge from the guidance received by their ancestors. They have a second set of powerful arms extruding from their back. These arms can assist with manipulating heavy objects and evolved from being used for hunting. All of the appendages on an Angel joint from two separate locations. The arms connect from a traditional shoulder as well as a joint built into the side of the chest. These joints assist in precise coordination during complex maneuvers and during multitasking of limbs. The vehicles that Angels pilot have many complex maneuvering capabilities due to their coordinated controls. The Combat shell that they use can summon holographic wings from the fingers of their second arms allowing them to fly.
Angels grew and developed by harvesting stars. Eventually they were able to grow and harvest their own stars in organized farms. They saved up their resources to create the perfect solar system called Solarium in which they would eventually reside. As Solarium was being grown, certain Angels felt that the use of so much resources on their own civilization was selfish. This was because in other places in the universe young species were growing into their own civilizations. Some needed aid in their development or else be destroyed by their own natural competition. The Angels began to disagree so strongly that the groups diverged and split resources to fulfill their separate purposes. The group that left to tend to the other races called themselves “Guardians.” The Angels that stayed continued grow Solarium and preserve their way of life. When Solarium was finally finished, the Angels occupied the 11 planets and saved one to be the Guardian’s Head Quarters. Very few Angels joined the Guardians after living in Solarium’s paradise. The comfort of living was Utopian, resources were plentiful, discipline was maintained, and order stablished. Great libraries and archives were created and stocked with all knowledge known to them. When the Angels die and reincarnate, they can still lend their knowledge to the living. Spirits can also combine to extend their longevity and intellect. These spirits aged from the Angels’ very creation. The ancient spirits can only speculate however that Angels and all other races were made by a single infinite spirit that cannot even be communed with.
After many generations of prosperity and peace, The “Necrosis” struck. A diseased Guardian Ship crippled by a unique pathogen crashed on one of Solarium’s planets. An investigation yielded a horrible discovery of extremely contagious forms of infected former Guardians. The Necrosis infected any life form that they came across. The Angels were heavily populated and defenseless on this particular planet and soon the entire planet was infected. The Angels planned on a way to push the singular planet into the sun but the Necrosis took them by surprise by developing inter-planetary deployment by launching spores into space. Suddenly multiple planets were experiencing out breaks. New laws were established to contain and quarantine affected areas. The Angels militarized and dawned their ancient combat shells that had not seen use in millennia. Despite their best efforts the prosperous infected planets provided the Necrosis an abundance of hosts and with them the Angels were overwhelmed planet by planet. The great gardens were digested, and the archives of information was lost to destruction. Eventually The Angels and Guardians each had one planet left pushed back to back by the Necrosis. They made a final stand severing the Necrosis advance. Eventually the spores stopped landing on the surviving planets. Angels and Guardians began to return from other outposts in space in an effort to regroup, but there were not enough of them left to launch any counter attacks to reclaim any planets. Other races also began to arrive to Solarium over taking the infected planets to build their own civilizations. Many of these races were the same ones that were saved by the Guardians after they had diverged.
Now the Angels find themselves in the chaos to survive Solarium’s destruction. They have a formidable force and a superior intellect compared to the other races. To them the new planet offers a new beginning.
The Guardians are a sect of “Angels” that felt that their civilization was using resources in a selfish way instead of assisting struggling races develop into their own civilizations. The disagreement led to Angels splitting their resources and The Guardians diverged into space to assist where they could. The guardians established a code that promoted honor, selflessness and discipline. Initiates take the oath of universal duty upon joining the Guardians. It is considered a great honor to be a productive member in their society.
The Guardians came to differ from Angels in many different ways. Firstly Guardians embrace their technology more, spending days at a time in their combat shells. Because of this they are often slightly transparent compared to the Angels natural tan color. It is said that the more transparent a Guardian is, the more noble they are to be. Busy leaders of their society are indeed often the most translucent among them. The worth of a Guardian is considered higher from their distinguished acts. A commanding officer may bestow a title on one under his command if they deem worthy. A Possible title would be “savior of the stone” if a Guardian performed a noble act during the liberation of the “Armored” from their rocky prison. Guardians can hold multiple titles at once, but often they are combined to a greater title. Guardians are better trained in the art of reincarnating as a combat spirit. Guardians are taught to combine with other reincarnating souls to produce pure forms of “light.” Often do Guardian’s combined spirit fight better than they could have in their normal lives.
The Guardians have traveled the farthest of any other races in their search of life. They were most often more capable than the state of the race they encountered. Only when the Race was in danger would they intervene with their affairs. Otherwise the Guardians were content to observe from afar. They eventually discovered an eerie section of dead planets which would eventually be linked to the discovery of the “Necrosis.” An entire wing of their fleet became infected making this discovery and the officers destroyed their own ships to stop the infection from spreading. One ship however had the idea that the medical centers back at their home planets at the Solarium solar system could save the infected. In a mutiny the ship was redirected. The crew however perished by the time they arrived at solarium and when it crashed, the infection desolated solarium.
When the Necrosis attacked Solarium, the Guardians lost one of their two plants compared to the nine lost by the Angels. This is due to the Guardians being previously trained in their defensive maneuvers, and their formidable combat spirits. The spirits were especially effective because they could not be infected properly by the Necrosis.

n ancient race once in charge of the galaxy. These creatures saved many other civilizations, which they now compete with, from extinction events when they were younger. This race believes that they deserve salvation because of their role in the galaxy. They vow to preserve the races that they will be forced to destroy in the coming conflict.
An aggressive form of brain altering fungi found in the furthest unexplored corner of the universe. Necrosis consume and spread rapidly in what seems to be only for the purpose of more consumption. It is unknown how large their controlled portion of space is, but entire dead planets that have been discovered to be ravaged by Necrosis. Necrosis is able to affect all organic cells they come in contact with, transforming the organism’s purpose. The infection can start with any potentially lethal injury and spreading to the brain through the nervous system. Once the infection reaches the brain, the organism’s behavior is changed. The creature begins storing up hostile hormones until the buildup releases and the organism becomes increasingly aggressive. As the organism’s skin becomes affected, it becomes more capable of in taking sunlight. This energy is stored to help preserve the controlled organism. All unnecessary organs become unsupported and begin to deteriorate. Hard claws are grown from any source of calcium. Parts of the organism such as external bone, teeth or nails harden and extend to give the Necrosis close quarters weapons.
As a Necrosis victim turns its body also becomes more fragile than the original. Projectiles and other weapons can often pass through and affect another body close by. This gives the Necrosis a natural weakness to area affects and bottlenecks. Often has an infection’s advance been stopped by an opponent being fortified.
Despite their vulnerability, they can easily increase their numbers with any single Necrosis being able to start an infection. At times a Necrosis has been attacked by multiple enemies, but after infecting one or more of them, the scales are tipped. The result being instead of overwhelmed, the Necrosis simply only grew in number. This spontaneous growth of a number advantage is what makes this race a fearsome foe. When it comes to dealing with a Necrosis outbreak, overkill can be the best likely solution.

The Plague is a strand of “Necrosis” that has infected “Demons.” When the Necrosis consumed a colony of Demons, their individualistic instinctual behavior changed. The former Necrosis were able to still use the psychic mind of the Demons they had consumed, and developed a hive mind mentality. Now the Plague no longer mindlessly spreads, but rather advance tactically with coordination. This frightening development produced a trade-off of their spread speed with lethality. As When a member of the Plague reaches a maximum mass, organic material is combined to create a new hive mind called a “Husk.” These creatures are large and slow, but provide tactical support advantages to battles.
The Undead are a section of “Necrosis” that have overtaken a garden planet. After consuming so many plants, the Undead developed two identical circulatory systems. All of their lives, the Undead store an incredible reservoir of energy into this second system and live off the first. The intake of energy is an advanced form of photosynthesis. After their death, their second heart and brain activate their stored energy reservoir, reviving them from where they lay with impressive regenerative abilities. If they are killed before they can recharge this energy, the Undead cannot reactivate this process.
            Tree structures
Technological beings that assimilate other living beings into one of their own. They are rebirthed without knowledge of what they once were.
Technological beings without legs, they are instead equipped with jetpacks that allow them to out-maneuver their enemies. Pack hunters.
The Demons are biologically advanced creatures with red skin. They are able use their highly advanced brain to control their metabolism and body growth. Because of this, Demons are very muscular and coordinated. Their brain is able to transmit brainwaves to both comrades and hostiles. This allows them to coordinate their attacks silently with a hive mentality. They are also capable of possessing an enemy from afar using advanced psychic techniques. A Demon is capable of manipulating an enemy by convincing them that their cause is a doomed one or by simply causing them to go insane and attack their fellow allies.
 Because they communicate telekinetically they lack vocal chords. They can instead be often heard hissing during battles while hawking venom at enemies to stun them. The Demons appear to lack any base of morality or feel any kind of mercy. If a Demon feels the need to destroy an enemy, they do so indiscriminately slaughtering any helpless foes or women and children. They will take any advantage presented towards them and expose any weakness. This especially becomes evident when they use wounded enemies as bait to lure their comrades into a doomed rescue. The trap is sprung on the rescuers in a sudden ambush.
As Demons grow over time, they gain strength and self-regulate their bodies to grow more and more superior. After a Demon has grown to a certain age and has progressed past other Demons in size, strength and ability, they become known as a Nemesis. The Nemesis’ are the leaders of the horde, with extensive experience, they command their all of their followers simultaneously psychically during battles. Nemesis are known to be the front of a charge during an attack. They are bold and confident in their abilities. A Nemesis can also influence their underlings in combat, seeing through their eyes and controlling their movements.
 This race has a very severe allergy to radiation from energy. This keeps them from interfering with fortifications and powerful creatures.  Should they come in contact with one, the result would be a quick but painful death.
This species originated from a planet with a harsh, ever changing environment. This has forced them to develop a quick way of reproducing A-sexually. They replicate with minor mutations of the original colony starter. Each time a natural disaster wipes out a colony, survivors emerge to start new colonies and spread their genes to their offspring.
An elegant species of creatures with exceptional dexterity, their aim is remarkable and they fight with numerous long ranged machines.

Pages for the manual for each race (around 18) with their strengths, weaknesses and a drawing of what they look like (maybe even their story if I can think of that many stories/get time). basic rules and strategies
Some Maps to play on
3d pieces for three different sized units (big, medium and small) in several different styles if possible.
Some sample cards that can be drawn


In the beginning there was an ancient civilization we’ve come to know as the Angels.
They grew powerful and advanced, harvesting the energy of entire suns and planets.
Eventually they decided to create a home for themselves, a perfect solar system with multiple planets equidistant to a stable sun. This Solar system would be named Solarium.
A portion of the angels however, felt that to use so many resources for their own gain was selfish. This sect, known as the Guardians, disagreed so strongly that they left the Angels to assist other races as they developed. The remaining Angels stayed behind to finish Solarium.
The Guardians traveled through the stars, exploring space and assisting races from various extinction events.
Meanwhile, the Angels finally finished Solarium and created a peaceful utopian society with entire worlds filled with gardens and other natural beauties. The Angels left a single planet for the Guardians to use as their base of operations.
The Guardians were however, occupied with an eerie discovery. They found multiple dead planets filled with decay.
Tracing this discovery they found the dead planets cause: A instinctively hostile race to come be known as the Necrosis. The Necrosis were extremely infectious, and before long Guardian ships fell to the disease.
One ship was taken over by a Mutiny, broke the Guardians’ protocol and was launched back to solarium. In transit, the crew was overwhelmed and an infected ship landed on a Solarium planet.
From the crash spewed the infection taking advantage of the defenseless paradise of the planet. Spores were launched to other planets. One by one they fell.
In a last stand, Guardians and Angels stopped the advance of the infection with a massive defense. The Necrosis invasion dwindled, until it eventually stopped.
As the majority of Solarium’s vulnerable planets fell to decay, other races looking to expand, retook them as their homes. Each race colonized a planet and for a time there was peace.
In an unforeseen turn of events however, Solarium was pulled by a nearby galaxies gravity. Solarium’s sun and planets began to fall out of orbit. It soon became obvious that the races would have to abandon their homes on Solarium to settle on another planet.
There was only one that was close enough to colonize. The isolated planet named Sanctum. Now, all of the races set their gaze on this small planet. Old alliances will be broken, as new ones form. The fight for Sanctum and survival has begun…